Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development Options

We can build you a high quality website from as little £795. Your individual requirements and the amount of bespoke atompop style design you would like will determine any further costs. A breakdown is given below:

Standard Website Development for £795

– We have access to high quality premium templates from which we choose the best suited to you based on your brief. We then adapt it to give you a website that perfectly fits with your needs.

E-Commerce (Online Shop) Development

– Contact us to see how we can integrate an e-commerce platform within your site. Depending on your requirements this can be built in to your site using the package above and may not incur any extra costs.

Bespoke Website Design

If you would like a site that has been completely custom designed from scratch then we can offer one of the following design services on top of the standard build price above.

  1. Design of website to include homepage design & main style to run throughout the site = £500. The process includes 4 rounds of amends and small housekeeping tweaks thereon.
  2. As above but with 3 different website designs to choose from initially = £750.
  3. Extra pages = £95 per page* – You may need certain pages designed individually inside the main theme design (e.g. a shop category page or a an individual product page). *For each extra page designed there will be a development cost of £150.

Extra Design Options

– Logo design (includes 5 options and amends on one logo until you reach your chosen design) = £500.

To get more of a feel of what you want for your bespoke design we like you to provide us with a mood board (or for ease of posting, an envelope of samples and clippings) which includes everything you love: Colours, styles, fashions, trends, books, quotes, typography, flyers, artists, fabrics, textures, other websites and your own ideas/illustrations/handwriting. It’s also helpful to have a list of things you don’t like!