Google Adwords

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with Google Adwords


£95 set up per ‘group’ and then £95 per group per month + 5% commission on sales that come via the advert.

What is a group?

– A group in this sense is defined as set of Google adverts. We start with about 7 and then add more and delete others, constantly streamlining them using feedback gained from tracking previous adverts.
– One group contains a set of keywords.
– Each group has a landing page(s).

You will then need to set a budget for actual spend on your Google Ads. Billing will be issued directly to you by Google for this.

What happens?

For the £95 per month we create, recreate, track and monitor each of the adverts and landing pages in the group. We then work with the results to streamline each advert in a continual process where we aim to decrease the amount you pay Google for each conversion gained. The more we can reduce the spend per conversion, the more you can afford to put in to your budget to gain even more conversions.

Banner Adverts

Using Google Ads’ Display Network we apply the same model as above (£95 per month + 5% per sale) and create graphics for Banner adverts for you. Once we’ve created your banners and you’ve approved them we then target websites relevant to your target market where your banners will be placed. These banners then work the same way as your standard Google Ads except that instead of appearing alongside Google searches they appear on the targeted websites.

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