We have worked with Sam since 2009 when we set up our business –Absolute Academy, School of Interior Design.
Our website was key to our success and Sam was instrumental in helping us achieve that.
Sam is a rare commodity – a naturally creative person, full of ideas and tried and tested skills to make the most of any online presence – but he also has a keen eye for detail and is very efficient.
Over the years, we have upgraded our website to make it responsive and to allow an online pay facility – which Sam has organised to run effectively day and night. He has set-up videos on our site, email sign ups, latest news pages – which have all directly resulted in more business for us.
Anne WallSam has also managed our SEO service to great effect, helping to drive traffic to our website. We now have students from the UK, Africa, Europe, Asia and the USA – which we could never have dreamt about back in 2009.
Our students can also study online and Sam helped us create a brand new online learning platform – with chat forums, assessment feedbacks, a visual library, tool kits etc.
We are now one of the leading UK providers of online interior design courses in the UK and we owe a big part of that to Sam.

– Anne Wall, Course Director – Absolute Academy, School of Interior Design



I’m a big fan of Atompop!
I have worked with Sam since 2009, when I shifted our advertising from paper directories to online marketing.
Since then, Simply Air Conditioning has had steady growth, year on year.
As a small business owner I have lots to do … too much to do most of the time! Sam and Valter definitely make things easier.
Valter looks after the SEO side and sorts many other things out immediately when required.
Simply Air Conditioning London_logoSam has been involved with the website since day one. He has redesigned it and has developed the mobile site swiftly and efficiently without any disruption to the main site or the business.
Sometimes if I get an idea late at night and email it through to Sam, I get an email back within minutes saying my idea or changes had been implemented!
Basically, the website is something I don’t have to worry about. I know its in safe hands.

– Jonathan Lister, Simply Air Conditioning London



I hate SEOs – bunch of arrogant charlatans most of them. Happy to take your cash but never happy shed even a single ray of light on the real world benefits of their efforts (or lack of).
And in truth, I’m not that much keener on Webdevs.
So how come I love Sam?
Well for a start he’s always, absolutely always, straight. Probably to his detriment. A bullshit free zone.
UK CopywritingAnd then there’s the fact that he’s a ‘can do’ guy. If you want it, and it makes sense, it gets done. And it gets done really really well. No dramas. No stress.
The way webdev/seo should be.
So thanks Sam. I’m with you all the way.
– Martin Williams, UK Copywriting.com



The success of our online teaching service called for an intuitive, smart initial setup that, at the same time, offered us enough autonomy to frequently adapt our content to the changing needs of our market and our constantly developing product offering.
Steve Lee, Desktop EnglishNot only did Sam design an elegant website, but he provided an intuitive admin interface that empowered us to add and change the web content and products.
From that point on, he was wise enough to allow us to learn from our own mistakes but attentive enough to save us when we needed saving.
Sam was essential to our success and I would not hesitate to recommend him, an excellent web designer and an even better human being.
– Steve Lee, Director of Studies at Desktop English