Our Portfolio Page

Atompop kitchen ducksOur Portfolio Page

We’re pleased to announce that, after the successful launch (and 48 hour worldwide sell out) of our Atompop fashion gear, we have now officially opened the fridge to reveal our portfolio page!

As well as being able to move the magnets and stickers on the fridge and the items inside the fridge, you can also click on certain items in the fridge to view different sections of our portfolio. Go do it! Have fun!

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Ambient P Stretch

Ambient P Stretch.
Another painting finished!

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Who is The Secret Footballer?

Who is the Secret FootballerWho is The Secret Footballer?

On my way to see Spurs v Stoke last weekend I was made aware of The Secret Footballer‘s column in The Guardian newspaper by my friend Colin. I was intrigued and on Friday night I went on the Guardian website to read all of his previous articles. It has to be said I was in a bit of a drunken haze at the time and so I decided to buy the domain www.whoisthesecretfootballer.co.uk. I then set up and launched the website over the weekend whilst watching The FA Cup semi final between Man City and Man Utd, El Clasico, MOTD, The Football League Show and Arsenal V Liverpool. By this morning it has gone a little viral! Robbie Savage has been tweeting me about it and Ian Prior, Sports Editor for the Guardian, tweeted that he ‘loves it’. Crazy fun.

You can follow my tweets on the subject, check out the facebook page or go directly to the website and contribute to the debate…

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Atompop tracksuit exclusive!

Busniess TimeAtompop tracksuit exclusive!

Read all about it!

The official Atompop business gear goes global today. The famous uniform that Liz and Sam don when it’s business time is now available for everyone.

Of course we’re expecting stocks to clear in very short time so get your skates on and order before it’s too late.

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Those damn lazy bunnies!

Those damn lazy bunnies!

I had a lovely day on Saturday, pottling around sunny bristol. I went to see the Cosima Von Bonin’s Bone Idle exhibition at the Arnolfini.

Materials, craft, music by Moritz von Oswald and film came together to expore the notion of sloth and fatigue.

The exhibition in on until Monday April 25th, so if minimal german techno, textiles or lazy bunnies are your thing, I promise you’ll love it!

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Make a meal of it with CCP!

Just launched a campaign for CCP Cheltenham. These days you can bearly get you a drink in you favorite establishment for a fiver, but can feed a young homeless person for a WHOLE WEEK! Support them or maybe even donate.

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Fridge magnets

Did you know that you can play around with the magnets on the fridge on main webpages of this website? Woo hoo, that’s right …have a play …move them around …spell some silly words … x

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Firefox 4

Firefox 4

Firefox 4 is here! The best browser on the web just got better. It’s quicker, safer and allows for more browsing space. If you’re a user of any other web browser, especially internet explorer, I’d recommend installing firefox and having a play. It might be slightly different to begin with if you’ve never used it before but it takes no time to get used to and you’ll soon wonder why you ever used Internet Explorer (oh yeh because it was rammed down your throat!).
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Crouching Tiger Hidden Atompop

Crouching Tiger Hidden Atompop
And Cheltenham breathes a sign of relief… Race Week is over for another year. One benefit of our town being over run by middle aged upper class tory lovers  (who quite frankly should know better) is I’ve done a lot of staying in doors, painting mainly. Finally finished one I’ve been messing around on for ages, its taken on many guises, but this is how it ended up x

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Bloc weekend

Well its a been a while… but I’ve been busy having fun (every hard working graphic designer needs a break!) at Bloc weekend in Minehead. Highlights had to be, seeing the sea, Moderat (if you’ve never heard them before check out Rusty Nails), then there was Four Tet, Aphex Twin and Venetian Snares! Good sunny times with friends, I’d definitely go again next year x

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