Gloucestershire Affordable Break Aways

It is the end of another year, there has been another austerity budget, and things are tight. Perhaps you have not had the opportunity to have a holiday this year and really could do with a change of scene. Many of us have heard of the “staycation” where you stay in your home town and enjoy the amenities it has to offer and relax in your own home, but we think a change of scene is important to recharge those batteries even for a couple of days. This is why you can find some tremendous value at Cooks Green Holiday Cottage in Gloucestershire after Christmas time.

Whether you live in Gloucestershire or further afield, why not spend a weekend, mid week or overnight stay in our homely holiday cottage with all amenities and relax by the fireside and explore the beautiful surroundings. You can still have a terrific break away on the slimmest of budgets and here we provide some suggestions of the type of fun things you can do (if you want to do anything at all!)

Theme Evening

While many visitors wish to enjoy the local food and cuisine, you can always have a stay at home evening celebrating another culture. It does not need to be expensive and great fun can be had with a Chinese or Indian theme night with all the family involved in cooking dishes or have a take away instead. A few DVDs Bollywood or martial arts style is something different and lots of fun.

Eskimo Barbeque

A really fun evening is to have an outdoor barbeque in the wintertime (as long as it is not raining). There is something really special about eating some home made burgers and drinking warm mulled wine or cider outdoors on a crisp cold night. Of course, you will need to wrap up warmly but gathering around the barbeque with some seasonal music playing is very enjoyable. Sparklers for the children are always appreciated and when the chill becomes too much, repair for pudding beside the open fire.

Local Visits

Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum
Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum. Photo by Elliot Brown, licensed under CC BY 2.0
There are many places to visit that do not cost anything such as the many great parks and gardens in Gloucestershire. Natural beauty and cultural landmarks that cost nothing are abundant around the Cotswold area and a packed lunch of Gloucestershire ham, cheese and crusty bread will sustain you while you are out and about. Visit some museums, art galleries, churches, stately homes and leisurely explore. Do not forget that window shopping is free of charge too.

Do Nothing

Firstly, shop for supplies for the whole of your stay. Secondly, do absolutely nothing. Sleep, eat, read, watch movies or box sets, and relax at your own time and pace. Stay in pyjamas all day and have a hot soak in the bath before bedtime. Switch off the mobile and follow the one rule that applies – be lazy!

Construct Something

Many people have hobbies they feel they never have time to pursue. A short stay away gives you opportunity to complete a project or take on a new one. Perhaps you never have time to finish knitting a sweater or complete a model ship. If you enjoy drawing and painting, a couple of days away can give you the motivation to produce some work. Maybe you have always wanted to try something new. Having the freedom of a place to stay without distractions will leave you relaxed and restful having achieved something.

Collector Hunt

If you are a collector, a couple of days away can be the ideal chance to hunt down that elusive object your collection is missing. Research the dates of antique or collector fairs, book your stay around these times, and visit flea markets, antique, and second hand shops to flush out the objects you desire. This is not just regular shopping, this is the thrill of the chase, and the enormous satisfaction of finding a piece that is bought at the right price. Teddy bears, Corgi cars, fine china, militaria – whatever your passion, enjoy a Gloucestershire holiday cottage stay and search new pastures for collectibles.

Why not take advantage of the quiet winter months to treat yourself to some affordable time out to indulge your passions, kick back, and thoroughly relax in the homely comfortable surroundings of Cooks Green Cottage in Gloucestershire.

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