A Day Trip to Oxford

Oxford by night
Oxford by night. Photo by nil l, licensed under CC BY 2.0
Oxford is a perfect city to visit while staying at Cooks Green Holiday Cottage. It makes a wonderful day trip and you can lose yourself amongst Oxford’s famous “dreaming spires”. The buildings of Oxford are well known for their magnificent architecture. Oxford University is the centre of the city and many scholars come from all over the world to study here.

There are many fine buildings to explore and a wide range of interesting shops and places to eat. There is no city more traditionally English and the university has been immortalised in literature and film throughout the years. Oxonians have held many high political offices such as Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer. In the 20th and 21st centuries alone Oxford has provided the world with some extraordinary talents including novelists, philosophers, celebrities, politicians, physicians, presidents and poets

Oxford is also famous for Frank Cooper’s Oxford marmalade, a very special preserve, delicious on toast or in a marmalade pudding. Be sure to bring a jar away with you.

Oxford is a pleasure whether you just amble through the city taking your own route or planning a sightseeing trip to see the most esteemed of buildings. Some of these marvels not to be missed are

  • 1. St. Mary Virgin Church: This church is one of the largest churches of Oxford and served as the first library of the famous Oxford University. The church possesses an unconventional porch along with a spire that has been regarded one of the most beautiful in entire England. The tower is open for public on all days of the week except public holidays. It provides stunning views of the historical city of the university especially Radcliffe Square.
  • 2. Ashmolean Museum: This is the world’s first university museum. The museum is widely known for its collection of Roman art and Egyptian paintings that belonged to the Renaissance. One of the collections is supposed to be inspiration behind the famous Lord of The Rings.
  • 3. Bodleian Library: This is the main library of the Oxford University where all research papers have been preserved. This library is not a single location but a series of locations spread across the city. The research material includes art forms and paintings
  • 4. Christ Church Cathedral: This is the main cathedral of the diocese of Oxford. It is also the Chapel of Christ Church of the University of Oxford.
  • 5. Carfax Tower: This heritage monument was built in the 13th century and is situated at the conjunction of four streets that are located in the north (Cornmarket Street), east (High Street), west (Queen Street) and south (St. Aldate’s Street) directions. The tombstone of William Henry Butler is the major attraction here.

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