Bring your Dog on Holiday

Our Dogs, Bob and PulaOne of the problems many people have is leaving their dog behind when they go on holiday. Dogs are real members of the family and are sorely missed by their owners when they are parted. The good news is here at Cooks Green Holiday Cottage, we welcome your pet to come and stay as well. With a wealth of beautiful walks and stunning countryside, a stay with us is a refreshing break for you and your dog.

Obviously there are considerations whenever you travel with your dog or when you are staying in an unfamiliar place and all responsible dog owners will realise that there is a little bit of planning ahead to do before you set off.


The first consideration is to make sure your dog is in good health before you take him away. A trip to the vet is no harm and it will give you a chance to pick up some travel sickness pills should your dog need them and any medications the dog may be taking. This will give you peace of mind that your dog will be up to the fun and frolics ahead of him. It is a good idea to have a little first aid kit to bring with you for your dog and a basic one with some saline, antiseptic, sting cream, scissors, tweezers, cotton wool, and bandages should cover any eventualities. We will be happy to supply you with the telephone number of the local veterinary surgery should you need it.


Some dogs do not travel well, yet others would take over the driving if you let them! Whichever type of dog you have, it is important he get plenty of rest breaks and water to drink. A 5-litre container of water is useful to keep in the car so you have it to hand when needed. If the journey is not too long, avoid feeding in case the travel and excitement upsets him. It is wise to use a restraint in case of accident and any pet shop will assist you with car accessories for your dog.

What to Bring

You should bring all the things your dog uses at home. He will appreciate his bed or special blanket, water bowls, feeding bowls, and favourite toys. Don’t forget to bring his collar and lead and it is always useful to have a long rope or retractable lead for when the dog must be on a lead. This is a sensible precaution in any new, unfamiliar area.


It is important that your dog is well behaved and well mannered. Disobedient dogs are a nuisance to everyone especially in public areas. Do be mindful of stock especially sheep and under no circumstances let your dog off the lead. Respect the signs in public places regarding dogs and always carry your pooper-scooper and disposal bags.

Bringing your dog on holiday is a wonderful experience so why delay. There is so much of our beautiful Gloucestershire countryside to be discovered and your stay will be enhanced by sharing it with your four-legged-friend.

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