Cadbury World

Cadbury WorldA fabulous day out within striking distance of Cooks Green Holiday Cottage is Cadbury World near Birmingham. Not many people would say “No” to a chocolate packed day out to taste, and learn how the world’s favourite chocolate treats are manufactured. With lots of displays and attractions, this is a fun filled day for all the family. There are fourteen different zones of discovery at Cadbury World and while they cannot guarantee what product may be on the production line (if any) there is usually some chocolatey delight being shaped wrapped and packed here.

Cadbury World gives you free chocolate as you go through the entrance gates. This is an extremely good idea!

The exhibition takes the form of a self-guided tour, which takes as long as you want but three hours is plenty of time to see everything at your own pace. The tour is easy to follow and has a one-way system that keeps things moving. You can spend as much time as you need in each of the zones. Zone 1 is the Aztec Jungle, which is a little dark and spooky for some children. It takes you back 1000 years to Mexico for a walk through the jungle to discover how central to Mayan culture the cocoa tree was.

Zone 2 is called The Journey to Europe and a 3-D presentation shows how a Spanish Galleon brought back the beans that would become the basis of the most popular drink in high society. Bull Street where the John Cadbury had his first shop is displayed in Zone 3 and in Zone 4, the Cadbury story from early times to the development of Cadbury World is told with informative and educational films.

Zone 5 in Cadbury World brings you chocolate making in a small special effects cinema, which is great fun but also warns of things that may just move. It is scary in a good fun way. In Zone 6 and 7 it is all about Manuacturing and Packaging Plant. Cadbury World is not a factory tour but you can see some of the equipment that is used. The packaging plant is not always operational but when it is, it is fascinating to see chocolate bars being wrapped and whizzing around conveyor belts. You also receive More Free Chocolate at this point!

Cadbara, which is Zone 8 in Cadbury World, is a gentle frolic in your own Beanmobile car that takes you on a journey through a wonderland of child friendly chocolate characters. Tempting to stay on board the little cars, Zone 9 beckons with some real hands on fun. The Demonstration Area allows you to try writing your name in chocolate.

Cadbury’s advertising down through the years has always been clever, iconic, and memorable. Zone 10 takes you on a trip down memory lane and you can nostalgically look back at your favourite advertisements.

Cadbury World’s Purple Planet in Zone 11 is a kick back place where kids will love the interactive experiences

The gift shop rises up to greet you where if you are not sick of the sight of chocolate (as if!) you can purchase chocolate and Cadbury souvenirs of your visit from the biggest Cadbury shop in the world! Rounding off the experience is Zone 12 called essence. Just a small attraction it offers More Free Chocolate – this time warm liquid chocolate in a pot with your choice of treat including shortbread and mini marshmallows.

Finally, Zone 13 is a historical attraction about the Bournville Village, which is fascinating for its ethos and forward thinking design.

Cadbury World is a fun attraction with plenty of Free Chocolate and highly recommended. Cadbury World is easy to reach via the M42 and M5 with plenty of parking.

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