Learn history firsthand in Gloucester!

Gloucester CathedralGloucester has many wonderful attractions and activities to choose from today, and many of these are built around its fascinating history. When you are in the area, it would be a shame to miss out on a visit to this interesting city. You can choose to see heritage sites which are centuries old or take in a fabulous art collection instead.

One of the greatest historical sites is the Gloucester Cathedral, which is a tremendous example of medieval architecture, and even has royalty buried within its boundaries. You can see the Norman style of building design, and the Great East Window is known throughout the country for its beauty as well. Also, be sure to take in the Lady Chapel’s collection of glass artwork and crafts which are spectacular to behold. If you would like to attend a service, they also have mass daily.

Another destination for those who love history, is the Gloucester City Museum. It was just renovated, and now has new exhibits for you to see. They have a complete Roman kitchen and medieval street on the ground floor, which you can explore to your heart’s content. Your children will have fun as well, with the interactive displays which are sure to keep their attention!

St. Oswald’s Priory is also a popular attraction, and it was founded by Lady Aethelflaed, who was the daughter of Alfred the Great. Its roots trace back to the tenth century, when the church was built from rocks that were pulled from nearby Roman structures. In fact, during the era of its construction, Viking war parties were a frequent problem, so a building of this magnitude was a great risk to undertake. When the relics of Saint Oswald were laid to rest at the Priory, it began to grow in prominence, as pilgrims starting making the journey to pay their respects. Over the centuries it began to fall into disrepair, and it was damaged in the Siege of Gloucester by cannon shots. Now it is an archaeological destination, and a place to learn about the interesting history of the area in greater detail.

Perhaps you’d like to take in some works of art instead, and if so, you can head over to the Nature in Art Museum located in Wallsworth Hall. Contained within the halls of this beautiful Georgian mansion, is the world’s most varied collection of art which has nature as its subject. The collection itself covers a period of over 1,500 years, and many different styles and materials are included. Whether you enjoy watercolours, sculptures, glass work or even engravings, you will find something to enjoy. The museum also offers programs designed with children in mind, even being so kind as to provide food when the tour is through.

So, if you have time when staying in Cooks Green Holiday Cottage, visiting any one of these sites is well worth the effort. You can learn about history firsthand, and stand in fascinating historical locations. Or, perhaps you’d prefer to enjoy some artwork instead, and see many different pieces which focus on nature. Even better, you can take a day-long trip and see them all, allowing you to become better acquainted with this wonderful city.

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