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Everyman Theatre | Cooks Green Self Catering Holiday CottageOne of the most renowned Gloucestershire arts and entertainment venues is the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham. It offers attendees a full line-up of performances, shows and special events covering the various genres of arts from opera, dance, drama and ballet to music and comedy. There is also the ever popular family panto. The theatre was opened as the New Theatre and Opera House in October, 1891.

The theatre started its operations with a mixture of serious drama and classical plays. In 1925, the theatre had new owners who brought more diversity to the stage. These varieties include opera, ballet and comedy. Famous actors like Ellen Terry, Charlie Chaplin, HB Irving, and Lily Langtry graced the stage. At the end of the war the theatre recorded a drop in the patronage and eventually had to close in 1959. However, the Cheltenham Theatre Association was created to reinstate the imperative cultural institution and to, at the same time, attempt to raise funds in the town. A lot of interesting activities took place around this period leading to the recreation of the theatre, but this time with a new company and a different name, The Everyman Theatre.

Tewkesbury’s Roses Theatre is one of the great theatres around the world. It is dated back to as far as 1974. It was built on the old art deco Sabrina Cinema site. The theatre presents a wide variety of art and entertainment such as drama, opera, comedy, music, children’s theatre and ballet. The theatre also features some special movies. The Rose Theatre is the only autonomous cinema between Birmingham and Bristol. Tragically it is also the venue in which Ernie Wise suffered his third and fatal heart attack after energetically making 6 curtain calls. He dies later at Cheltenham hospital.

Malvern Theatre dates back to as far back as 1884 when it was first instituted. The historic theatre is one of the biggest district Arts Centres in the UK. It is about ten minutes walk from the well known train station which is located at the centre of the town. It features a huge and convenient parking area. It also has about three auditoria. Over the years, Malvern Theatre has been transformed considerably and it remains as famous now as it was in years gone by. The theatre has some of the biggest names and most popular dramas associated with it.

The Playhouse Theatre in Cheltenham UK is known to be a public theatre. The theatre, registered as charity has been run by volunteers since inception in 1957. It began its life as the Montpellier Baths sometimes in 1806. The theatre has been converted to various entertainment venues over the years including a swimming pool and spa. It was later converted into a theatre, and in 1945 the first play was staged. A lot of progress has gone into the development of the theatre to make it what it is today.

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