The Three Counties Showground

Three Counties Show | Cooks Green Self Catering Holiday CottageWhen looking for the perfect place for both outdoor and indoor show, the Three Counties Showground is the place to go. It offers the usual camping and convoy facilities to their customers which draws more crowds to the venue. It is situated in Malvern, Worcestershire and the famous annual agricultural show is held in this area: The Three Counties Show.

The three counties that the venue takes its name from are Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Many events in the area are held in the venue in order to boost the name of the event in the market. The different halls in the showground are very large which makes it tremendously flexible. Over the years, the three counties showground has been refurbished and other new buildings have been added making the whole area very striking.

The showground is the home of the Agricultural Society which enjoys the patronage of considerable membership and good relationship with both sponsors and the media. The showground also offers innovative and vibrant events all through the year. It hosts a wide range of business and trade exhibitions, canine shows, fairs, rallies, sales, and equestrian. Over one million visitors come to the showground and it is well known nationally for its natural beauty.

Over one hundred thousand people visit the venue for the Three Counties Show alone, which features owners of livestock competing for various prizes worth about seventy thousand pounds. The show can be traced to the 1790s! In 1894, the momentum for a larger show began to materialise, especially when the Herefordshire Society amalgamated with Worcestershire. With the stages of the counties development, things began to change and other activities were incorporated into the shows.

Today, various entertaining activities take place with people from all over the world coming to watch. In 1996 we saw members of the Dutch and Italian national football teams there as they took a day out from Euro 96!

For people who want to know more about the events taking place at the Three Counties Showground and at what particular time of the year the events hold, you can visit their website. And if you need accommodation while you visit, why we have got the perfect self catering holiday cottage for you!

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