area of outstanding natural beauty

The beautiful Cotswolds region

The region of the Cotswolds was formed by the associated six English counties of Wiltshire, Worcestershire, North East Somerset, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, and Bath. These counties cover an area of about seven hundred and ninety square miles around the upper part of the Southwest side of England. It is known as the country’s largest area of outstanding natural beauty. This region is unique in so many ways and it is popular with both the indigenes and the international visitors all over the world.

The region of ehe Cotswolds is well known for its gentle hillsides which is why it is known as ‘wolds’. Its remarkable countryside with water meadows and beech woods, river valleys, historic market towns, and sleepy ancient limestone villages make it a unique spot for all tourists traveling to the area.

The Cotswolds have been in existence for over three hundred years and features different buildings and stonewalls which are common in the flawless blending of the historic towns and villages with their beautiful surrounding landscape. Describing the beauty of the villages, streets, gardens and historic sites would not do until one has the opportunity of visiting the place and seeing it for oneself. The area, some one hundred miles west of London, features honey coloured stone villages. The region is one of the best walking areas in England.

The footpaths of the area are remarkably well maintained and the very nature of the landscape makes walking possible for anyone who wants to pass through. When looking for a perfect blend of history and beauty, the Cotswolds are the place to visit. They are a place to experience the enthralling English countryside. This region is the home to charming villages, rolling hillsides, and historic market towns and above all, it is the birthplace of the great Shakespeare.

When considering staying in the Cotswolds, the best places are within the countryside that holds nature’s charms. It is imperative to point to the fact that the region of the Cotswolds is divided into urban and rural areas and both these areas are spectacular in their own ways. Any overseas visitor familiar with British movies, who dreams of a stay in an idyllic rural retreat such as those in the films, is looking for the countryside of the Cotswolds. The region is the perfect place for the next holiday you are considering.

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