DeepSpaceWorks Art Gallery

For those of you interested in all things arty it might please you to know that Su Attard, who runs Cooks Green Holiday Cottage, is an artist who also runs an art space in Cheltenham.

The centre, called DeepSpaceWorks is home to DeepSpaceStudios and DeepSpaceGallery. It is both an art gallery and art studios in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham.

The studios house 15 different artists from Cheltenham and the surrounding area.

The art gallery is an exhibition space which also plays host to art classes and table top sales.

The table top sales run on the 3rd Sunday of each month and the next one is on the 19th of June. I went along to the last one and there were all sorts of little treasures: antiques, collectable, lots of artwork and crafts as well as amazing cakes (served with a good cup of tea or coffee for just £1!).

Writing this on Su’s cottage accommodation blog I would say I recommend her Art Gallery in Cheltenham. But really, I do, it’s a fantastic place. Whether you just want to pop in and see some artwork; are interested in the studio spaces or one of the art classes; or want to go along to a table top sale, all of the information can be found on the website: Deepspaceworks Art Gallery and Studios in Cheltenham.

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