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Firefox 4

Firefox 4

Firefox 4 is here! The best browser on the web just got better. It’s quicker, safer and allows for more browsing space. If you’re a user of any other web browser, especially internet explorer, I’d recommend installing firefox and having a play. It might be slightly different to begin with if you’ve never used it before but it takes no time to get used to and you’ll soon wonder why you ever used Internet Explorer (oh yeh because it was rammed down your throat!).

From the point of view of a web developer like myself it is by far the best browser to use as well as it has hundreds of plugins to speed up the web developing process.

That’s all for now, from a happy, firefox-using web developer šŸ™‚

By Sam

My name is Sam Attard. I am a freelance web developer and SEO geek and have been professionally developing websites since 2005. Iā€™m an experienced user of XHTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery and WordPress based websites. I have a metal hip.

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