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Crouching Tiger Hidden Atompop

Crouching Tiger Hidden Atompop
And Cheltenham breathes a sign of relief… Race Week is over for another year. One benefit of our town being over run by middle aged upper class tory loversĀ  (who quite frankly should know better) is I’ve done a lot of staying in doors, painting mainly. Finally finished one I’ve been messing around on for ages, its taken on many guises, but this is how it ended up x

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I love it! And you’re not wrong about Cheltenham in race week, truly horrible. I actually texted in to Radio5live last week as I was listening to them eulogising about the town and how fantastic this time of year must be for residents. I told them the truth that most of us go away or stay indoors and it’s actually an extremely hostile town during this full of violent drunks. Needless to say they didn’t read my text out!

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