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Valentine's Day

So it’s the day of love. One of the most popular things to do on Valentine’s Day is spending a romantic day in the country. A day in the serenity and vast open space of the beautiful English countryside with a picnic and your favourite person.

And what a gorgeous day outside it is today to do such a thing. But why should we only treat ourselves to this beauty on Valentine’s Day? The answer is simply we shouldn’t. And of course we don’t. Countryside holiday seeking visitors to Cooks Green Holiday Cottage get to take in the beauty of our surrounding countryside whatever the time of year, and it has a different beauty at different times of year.

In the spring the countryside holiday would involve witnessing the daffodils and daisies that are rife across the fields and alongside the flowing streams, and the bluebells that are abundant in the wooded areas.

Summer is a time to bask in our glorious English countryside as the birds sing their songs and the bumble bees fly by performing their day’s duties.

Autumn is then perhaps the most beautiful time of all with the leaves changing to an almost infinite spectrum of red and golden brown colours.

A countryside holiday at winter too is remarkable as our surrounding area is just gorgeous. Just look at the pictures we recently published of the fields behind our holiday cottage in the frost and the holiday cottage in the snow.

Yep, it’s beauty all year round and all around Cooks Green Holiday Cottage, and we wish you all a very beautiful Valentine’s Day today.

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