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The new atompop website

The new atompop website

Today we launch the new atompop website. plays host to freelance graphic and web designers Liz Wheatley and Sam Attard (me).

Liz and I have been friends for a number of years and have worked together on design projects for both web and print. Liz is the graphic designer and I am the web developer. We met in Cheltenham via mutual friends and a similar love for good music! After realising that our powers for graphic design and web developing could come together, we started hatching plans and swiftly organised a game of scrabble in order to come up with a good name for our website. The word ‘atompop’ itself didn’t actually come up in the game but ‘atomic’ and ‘pop’ did. So we got our little soldering irons out, pulled down our safety visors and did a bit of fusing …and here you have us! – Less a splitting of the atom, rather a merging, but with similar explosive effect, and perhaps a better metaphor for the joining of the two creative forces that is Liz and me! …But who is the atom and who is the pop? Yooooouuuuu decide. Ahem.

So, this is now version 3 of the atompop site. We’ve tried to make it a little more interactive this time. -You can play with the items on the fridge at present and very soon we will have our portfolio page up which will entail the opening of the fridge …dun dun derrrrr! Also we have the addition of the blog. Liz and I will endeavour to keep you updated on all things to do with our design work as well as any other mutterings as we go through our every day.

If you’re looking for any design work or a new website then get in touch. We’re very friendly, and we love creating new things.

Keep an eye out for the latest developments as there will be a fair few in the coming days and weeks as we continue to perfect our new website.


By Sam

My name is Sam Attard. I am a freelance web developer and SEO geek and have been professionally developing websites since 2005. I’m an experienced user of XHTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery and WordPress based websites. I have a metal hip.

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